My Fellow Americans

My Fellow Americans by Keir Graff







He was a law-abiding citizen—until they called him a terrorist

In the near future, America simmers in suspicion and fear. The president expands the global front of the war on terror, then declares martial law and sits, unelected, for a third term.

In Chicago, Jason Walker, amateur photographer and architecture enthusiast, inadvertently arouses the suspicions of Homeland Security. Detained, interrogated, and tortured, he’s finally able to convince his captors of his innocence. But his freedom comes at a price. There’s a terrorist group operating out of a Lebanese cultural center, they say. They need a man inside. And Jason Walker’s mother was Lebanese, wasn’t she?

Caught between an arrogant government agent and a charismatic Lebanese immigrant who calls himself a patriot—and a girlfriend who chooses an awkward time to become a political activist—Jason Walker struggles to decide who deserves his loyalty. And the stakes couldn’t be higher . . .

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Praise for My Fellow Americans!

“Graff . . . has a light but sure hand. Jason’s harrowing adventures, perfectly paced and leavened by touches of humor, are gripping from start to finish. Highly recommended”

—Library Journal